The Volunteer

The Volunteer, Cambria, CA

The Volunteer, Cambria, CA

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The Volunteer

Walking down a side street in Cambria, a small coastal town in central California, I marveled and chuckled at this plants strength and perseverance to find its way to the light and not only survive but thrive! The humor to me being its defeat of some human’s hubris to control his environment but still sneaking past their attention by the slow and steady progress of this “Tree of Heaven.”

Yes, it is an invasive species here in California but it makes its success no less impressive or inspiring and its name no less apt.

Inspiring a faithful daily step forward towards Heaven knows what! 

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  1. I love this photo! I’m sure that when I still lived in California I pulled some of these out of the ground as weeds. I have the memory of the distinctive smell of the plant in my nose right now!

    • Marco Zecchin says:

      Thank you Kathleen! They are everywhere so I can believer that you pulled some out… They do have a very distinctive fragrance.

  2. Now this is cool! Great shot Marco!

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