Simply Seen

Unwrapping the gift on my 11th birthday revealed a dream come true… A Kodak Brownie camera! Now, 45 years later, living a life defined by photography, I keep searching for the simplicity of those days. As a dream, this simple little plastic camera, was the embodiment of all the imagined realities that this regularly visited […]

The Spirit of Northern Italy

Why did my Father leave Italy? What did he want that he was willing to leave all that he knew, all that he was familiar with? Leaving not only the physical landscape but the emotional one, in search of what? Or running from what? These were my question but they could just as well be […]

Fort Ord (ret.)

Like most little boys, driving past Fort Ord army base along the Monterey Bay in the late 50’s and 60’s, I was fascinated by the soldiers moving in convoys, marching in formation, and practicing shooting their rifles along the road we traveled. My parents had friends on the Monterey peninsula, so we made this trip […]

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