Villa Varda II

Villa Varda II, Brugnera

Villa Varda II

The modernization of Villa Varda, in the community of Brugnera, made it not as interesting for me to photograph as the servants quarters that have not been updated. These out buildings are typical of the estates in the area. Simple two story stuccoed rectangles with floral flourishes give these structures a feeling that they are just waiting for their inhabitants to wake or return from working in the fields or the villa.

Villa Varda and it’s grounds keep calling me back each time I visit and though I have looked into these homes when their doors or windows are open, I have not entered. Leaning in to take a look, the voices of past occupants echo for me. The normal talk between family and friends about work, the latest gossip or a peal of laughter, keeps this voyeur close… I have to laugh at myself because it’s not the echo’s of conversations that spook me as I’m wandering around but when I am lost, listening to those stories, the sudden appearance of a real occupant greeting me. I would love to go explore inside these buildings but have not been able to gain permission… so far. 

Someday I’ll find the invitation to hear the stories from these interiors… Oh, and photograph them as well.

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  1. How lucky you are to be able to venture into this world of ageless fascination and beauty.


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