Spent: What Remains? – final thoughts…

With the closing of Spent: What Remains? at the Adobe Art Gallery in Castro Valley, CA I wish to share a few thoughts…

Mostly I want to thank Susan Honda Eady, director of Adobe Art Gallery for seeing how Robert Kato’s “Night@Mare” and my “Fort Ord (Ret.)” work could blend and speak as one. Jerry Eady for the managing of the “Naked Print” presentation. Robert Kato for his generosity on so many levels. Eleonora Ronconi who’s printing talents helped make my photographs speak clearly. I’d also like to thank the Hayward Area Recreation District for their dedication in providing quality community art programs and venues to promote the arts.

Finally, the creative process is a personal prayer for understanding. The artwork created is the evidence of that process, so sharing it is an intimate invitation into who I am. For those who were able and chose to view and hear Robert and I speak about our work, I would like to thank you for your openness and inspiration!

If you were not able to visit the gallery to see the show, below please find some photographs that document it.

Adobe Art Gallery, Castro Valley, CA - Photograph © image-center.com

Marco Zecchin and Robert Kato


  1. Mareva Godfrey says:

    “The creative process is a prayer for understanding” Did you coin that, Marco? Hear hear…so elegantly and concisely put. I think that is my favorite new quote…and I LOVE quotes….thank you!

    • Marco Zecchin says:

      You’re welcome and thank you for your comments. I am glad that you enjoy the phrase! Yes, I did coin it in my book and surprisingly it continues to speak for my experience with the creative process.

  2. chanel ?? ???

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